Anonymous said: are you still writing? I'm feeling very empty and would like to hear some of your words, maybe they will fill me up

Yes, I am still writing. I don’t really have anything poetic to say in regards to loneliness. However, I feel that loneliness is your mind/bodies way of telling you that there’s something lacking in your life. Whether that’s another person or something that you’re passionate about, yet you simply can’t find the time to do it. A lot of times we fight against ourselves and think finding someone to drag us out of that will fill that emptiness in our lives. When really we need to find a way to feel fulfilled without using another as our crutch. It is only when we are fulfilled with the way our lives are that we can then share that gift with another successfully.


Puget Sound (by Alesha A.B.)

The Narrows

untitled by Alt-sea on Flickr.
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